Whoa guys, I’m going to stop having a life/bleeding from my hand/being tired just so I can update for you guys! *whooaaaaaa* Actually, I worked all day and am therefore tired from work, and stabbed myself in the hand on Saturday so while I’m not bleeding I’m perpetually trying to make sure that this wound doesn’t reopen, so … technically I still am doing all of those things? I’m just going to do my job for you guys too <3

Syren is such a magical girl sometimes, I don't even. And TRIVIA: DID YOU KNOW THAT KATE LOVES SCOOBY DOO THAT'S WHY THE REFERENCE IS THERE. And shipperface … well, if you aren't already used to shipperface, you may as well start.

Shipperface is actually part of the joke of tonight's TWC, which is once again a comic edit by yours truly. Of course, it's just highlighting all of the shipping fodder from page 108 while taking advantage of my irrepressible love of making sex jokes. No, really. If the comic has a sex joke, curse word, or violence in it, I probably was the one to write it. Amusingly, if the comic has scientific, philosophical, or generally intellectual discourse in it, I was probably the one to write it. Go figure.

Aaaaaaand on the subject of shipping again, because we never get tired of this shit, it was Nat’s birthday last Saturday (HEPPY BIRFDAY AGAIN, NATNAT!!!!!) and as her present, Kelsey illustrated a moment from the KeiraxAngel drabble I wrote forever ago. The summer is what I like to jokingly refer to as “JP Birthday season,” so don’t be surprised if more little pics like this pop up at future birthdays, so long as they aren’t totally spoilerific. (spoiler: most of them will be) Maybe I’ll ask for something not-spoilerific so you get to see it, OR MAYBE I’LL REQUEST SOMETHING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JP, AHAHAHAHAHA